Our Philosophy of Service

New Directions Spinaker location We are dedicated to assisting individuals in living lives that make sense to them.

Our name describes this core principle. We believe that each person is the conductor of their own journey.

We at New Directions are a part of their orchestra using our talents, skills and expertise in assisting and supporting them in forging a positive direction on their path.

We believe that by using Person Centered Planning we promote dignity, inclusion, engagement and task sharing amongst stake holders.

We believe in a process that enables us to translate ones hopes and dreams into the future they imagine.

We believe in a process that provides accountability and measures the effectiveness of our efforts.

We believe this approach to services brings integrity and effectiveness to our organization's core values. Stakeholders come together to listen to the individual rather than talk about the individual; hear what they have achieved and to celebrate their successes rather than speak to their shortcomings.

We believe that individuals who seek our residential services should have housing that is nothing short of what we would want for our families and ourselves.

We believe that it is easy for organizations to "talk the talk." We work hard every day to "walk our talk."