History of New Directions

Fallbrook locationNew Directions, Inc., is a privately-owned, Minnesota corporation which is located in Ramsey County. New Directions, Inc. was incorporated in January, 1981, for the purpose of promoting the full participation of people of all abilities in community and societal life.

New Directions, Inc. currently coordinates in - home services and support to individuals and married persons in Ramsey and Washington Counties who are residing in their own supportive housing, living with family members or in family foster care. New Directions provides corporate foster care at fifteen waivered service sites in the Twin Cities Metro Area.

New Directions is one of only four agencies in the state that were selected to participate in the Department of Human Services' five year Outcome Based Performance Demonstration Project.

Since New Directions became incorporated in 1981, we have demonstrated the administrative capability to recruit, train and retain high quality and committed staff, to provide sound fiscal management and control and respond to and maintain compliance with all license and program requirements. We believe our performance over the years reflects a total commitment to the individuals we support and the agencies we are accountable to. We have kept our promises to state and county agencies and to our service recipients and we will keep the promises we make in the future.

The Board of Directors is:

Jonathan Kigner, Chairperson
5300 East Street
White Bear Lake, MN 55110
(612) 290-7192 / jkigner@newdirectionsmn.com